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Hi Thanks for dropping by, in between being a DJ and radio presenter I find time for my hobby of Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) which I have been interested in since the mid 1960’s as a child. My callsign is CT7ACG.

My station at home- running an FT2000, SPE Expert amp with 1KW to new addition to my antenna’s this year is an ACOM LS1210 (12 el LP antenna with a 32 ft boom at 50ft)  also the workhorse of the station is my 3 el tri band yagi at about 45ft. No low band antennas up during the summer months but in the winter months I use a 40m Delta loop, EA fan dipole for 10-80m and a Butternut HF2V for 80 and 40 were working on something for 160m this year too and is going to be an inverted L! I use HRD for controlling the rig and amp but this is also my log which I upload to the LOTW on a regular basis as well as realtime to the HRD log. I am now QRV on 6m  with a 5el yagi at 45ft the beam is normally towards Europe.

I am QRV on 60m on the following frequencies: 5371.5/5288.5/5403.5/5380.5KHz. Modes are J3E and A1A using a FT857D and a simple inverted V dipole.

We enjoy contesting and participate in IOTA, CQWW SSB and CW, BERU, ARRL 10m DX Contests and many others from time to time! Curently chasing WAS and DXCC. Please upload your QSO with me to LOTW, thanks.smiley

OMISS Member 9786

RSGB  member and volunteer.

CDXC member

FISTS member

Good on for all further details. visit

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